Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the largest and the capital city of Argentina. The name of the city Buenos Air translates to Good Air or Fair Winds. The location of the beautiful city set by the western shore of the Rio de la Pata estuary makes it even more appealing to the travelers around the globe.


The climate of Buenos Aires is humid subtropical. The summers are usually hot and humid while the winters are cold but bearable. The average temperature for the summer is 22.7oC while the winters pass with the mercury never falling below the average temperature 13.6oC.

People and Religions

Although Christianity dominates the city in terms of the population, there are also Muslim, Jewish, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormon, and Buddhist minorities. Buenos Aires has the highest percentage of Atheist or agnostic people in the world.

The city spread over an area of only just 203km2 has a population of 2,891,082 people which makes Buenos Aires the most populated city in Argentina.

For The Foodie Folks

It is actually good to relish your taste buds by tasting some new cuisine whenever you get the opportunity. The cuisine of Buenos Aires is good enough and definitely worth trying. The city is filled with restaurants and therefore the list mentioned below brings the best of them together to provide you the best value for your hard-earned money:

The Brick Kitchen

Mi Coleccion De Vinos

Restaurant Estilo Campo


The Argentine Experience

Must Visit Places in Buenos Aires

There are so many places in Buenos Aires to visit and later boast of. Every place has something unique to offer which makes those places worth one's visit. Each place at Buenos Aires has affected the tourism sector of the city in a positive way. Some places worth visiting are listed below:

San Telmo

Recoleta Cemetery

Teatro Colon


Puerto Madero

Jardin Japones

Rosedal De Palermo