Buenos Aires, Argentina


The capital city of Argentina and the most populous city is Buenos Aires. This city is located on the western shore of Estuary of the Rio De Plata. Buenos Aires is a multicultural city containing various ethnic and religious groups.

Major Attractions:

  • Recoleta Cemetery.

This is not just like any ordinary cemetery but a place of rest for the rich, powerful and famous peoples of Argentina.

  • Visit Tigre.

Take a break from the city on a Sunday to the city’s Puerto De Frutos, a large artistic market.

  • Polo or Horse Racing.

Argentina is well known for its horsemanship. So go ahead and enjoy the polo match or a race while in Argentina.


  • Hotel Osam.

This hotel serves as the center of the city and easy access to various shopping centers, pubs, shops, restaurants and more.

  • O Baires.

This hotel is so popular among the guests and especially the couples love this place.

  • Hotel Aries.

Located 100 meters away from the commercial area of Rivadavia Avenue, this hotel greets its guests with pleasure and at a nominal price.


  • Roux.

Well plated Mediterranean dishes, including meat and seafood. Award winning Chef Martin Rebaudino styles his imagination on the plate at this place.

  • Proper.

Two young chefs Leo Lanussol and Augusto Mayer serve grilled artichokes with cashew cream, burnt lemon and hazelnuts.

  • Mishiguene.

Enjoy the foods like traditional Argentina beef cut and spinach bureka which gets served in a baking pan with truffled potatoes and eggs


  • Empanadas- One of popular Argentina’s savory pastries.
  • Alfajores- One of a classic sweet of two round biscuits filled with loads of dulce De Luche.
  • Dulce De Luche- Just irresistible caramel spread or jam.

Travel Info:

Travel to Buenos Aires for the most unforgettable experience. It is also called the Paris of the Southern Hemisphere. You can get the best travel deals during April and June. However, the most beautiful time to visit Buenos Aires is in October and November when Jacaranda trees bloom.