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Must-see - Visit 10 beautiful places in Buenos Aires, Argentina's most popular tourist destination. Bariloche, the Argentine ski capital, celebrates the beginning of winter with a four-day festival.

This annual film mania has graced the streets of Buenos Aires since 1999, giving viewers the chance to see the strange, wonderful and inspiring. This free architecture festival will take place in Buenos Angeles in 2014 and allows interested parties to enter buildings that are normally closed to the public on a weekend in December. Major venues include the National Art Museum, the Museo de los Arts and Sciences and the Museum de la Ciudad del Norte.

In addition to guided tours of Buenos Aires, there are a number of organized excursions to the city, including trips to the National Museum, the Museum of Arts and Sciences and the Museum of the Ciudad del Norte. There are many opportunities for active expats to get involved and experience this side of Aires.

When planning your trip, do not forget to visit our guide to prepare a festive calendar in Buenos Aires. BAphoto takes place in the stable at the Aires La Rural exhibition centre. For more information about the events and activities of this year's festival, please see the list of events linked below.

Nowhere is this café culture more evident than in Buenos Aires, where it is part of everyday life for the locals to take time for a coffee. Consider that many of the city's most famous residents are associated with one cafe or another.

It is also worth noting that Buenos Aires is one of the countries where the popularity of tango is still high. Many Argentines celebrate with family and friends and eat in restaurants such as the famous Bodega, La Cienega or La Paz. It's not quite as colorful as Rio de Janeiro, but it's still fun and a great place to share with friends.

Plan a trip that coincides with one of the most important events in the city to experience an unforgettable cultural experience in Buenos Aires. If you feel the passion of tango and want to be part of it, book a ticket to Buenos Aires to join the dance movement. And if you are a big fan of live music, you can also come to Aires to dance and dance for a night.

This major event is preceded by the Buenos Aires Tango Championship, which takes place every year in May from 8 to 19 May. This weekly party takes place at the popular meeting point of the local tango scene, the Casa Nacional, and is the first of its kind in the city, decorated with young and beautiful partygoers for the rest of the year. The event was organized in collaboration with the Argentine National Ballet and a number of other clubs and clubs.

To commemorate the love of jazz, the local government, with the help of the Argentine National Ballet and a number of other clubs and clubs, created the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival in 1976, and the event has always attracted a large crowd. Aires is home to the largest jazz festival in the world and the second largest in Latin America after New York.

The Ciudad Emergente Festival has put Buenos Aires on the international map as a maker of cool things, showcasing emerging artists, artists from around the world, and local artists. The International Guitar Festival attracts some of the most talented guitarists, musicians and musicians from all over Latin America to the Argentine capital. With a packed program of concerts, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and performances, the Ciudads Emergenes Festival continues to promote cultural activities and festivals in the city.

Many of Argentina's exported tango players return to the city to dance and teach, and this event is essential for lovers of beautiful dance. Buenos Aires serves as a backdrop when performers conquer public spaces to interpret their relationship to the urban environment. The best place to watch tango dancers in action is the San Telmo district of Buenos Angeles, home to one of Latin America's most popular dance clubs.

This guide to the Argentina festivals will help you explore the culture of the country and bring back some great memories. A fun way to explore Argentina will be to encourage engagement and participate in several festivals.

Here are some of the best events and festivals to incorporate into your visit to Buenos Aires. No trip to Argentina would be complete without experiencing and being a part of the country's culture.

This is a young and exciting event that attracts high quality productions with an emphasis on director-driven films. The main purpose is to celebrate these marked art forms and to give them the opportunity to come to market in their original form. This programme aims to broaden the scope of the festival by exploring the history of cinema in Argentina from its origins to the present day and beyond.

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