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When you asked me, almost a decade ago, when I first moved to Argentina, if I thought Buenos Aires was a top culinary destination, my answer was "hard hit." I really love empanadas, and every time I see them (which is quite often the case in Buenos Angeles), I stop off to have a bite to eat.

Epanadas are available in individual portions in Argentina, they are easy to eat, clean and affordable to embed and thus the perfect snack or street food. Each part of Argentina has its own way of preparing empanada, where they are larger (usually in the form of a pie) and filled with a variety of toppings (sliced pizza, Argentine puchero are popular recipes), but my favorite in Buenos Aires are the small spinach em panadas. They are an easy way to get a decent vegetable intake in a carnivorous country, so they provide a perfect meal in any country. My favorite foods in this country are the big, savory, spicy and tasty, but also delicious and easy to eat - clean - and - affordable.

One of the best places to enjoy Alfajore is the famous Havana shop, located in Buenos Aires. Argentina also has a large number of gourmet restaurants (restaurantes autors) that focus on limited means of production and high-quality ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Restaurants and markets offer a wide variety of food, from the small Argentina - Eataly, to the large and spacious restaurants in the city center that only a trip to Aires could really afford, and even a visit to one of Argentina's most popular markets.

Buenos Aires, which also has Vietnamese, has excellent sushi and Peruvian cuisine, but such variety is rare in the province.

If you only eat Argentine food and visit the vegetarian restaurants, there is a middle way to explore. This guide lists the typical food that travelers must eat in Buenos Aires and organizes it for those who want a local flavor. There are also some tips that are quite useful when travelling through all of South America. Argentine food, enjoy the locals, but also share some tips for other parts of Argentina, such as Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, etc.

To be fair, I spent almost all of my time in Buenos Aires, which is certainly not representative of the entire vast country of Argentina, but it is still one of our most colourful and lively. Argentine food is delicious and it really is what you find.

Buenos Aires offers many tours with ecological products and great places to buy healthy treats and local products, as well as a number of great restaurants and cafes.

If you're looking for a place in a chic barrio or a hole in the wall, let the meat menu guide you on a Parrilla tour of Buenos Aires for the best steaks. There are so many great steak restaurants in Argentina that I could write a book, but I will list them later, so make sure you add at least one or two more. Steaks in Buenos Aires are incredible, and there are many of them in the city itself and many others across the country. If you know a place that attracts all eyes, Buenos Angeles also serves as a kind of Latin American food fair with a wide selection of food and drinks.

Here are my 10 favorite dishes in Argentina, starting with the main reason I was so excited to come here: the great food.

The Alfajor is essentially of Argentine origin and is not found anywhere else, but it is very popular in Buenos Aires in chori and also as street food. It is sold at sports venues and football matches and is one of the most popular street food in the city, sold in restaurants, bars, cafes and even on the street. The porteno loves Argentine chorizo and most people in Argentina are offended if you think that city people are all jerkers, they are the porteno of Aires. All the people of Argentina love Portenos And they know it's their haven, so they love it.

There are a lot of different foods in the city, although steak is obviously the biggest business in Buenos Aires. This is one of the best steaks I have ever had in Aires, and I don't care if the restaurant is full of other tourists. It is the only grass-fed beef with a good amount of meat that you will have outside of Argentina. So when you do it in Argentina, you have to be very careful about what you eat.

Argentines (portenos) in Buenos Aires talk loudly about what the best food in the world is. The love of good food is shared by all the inhabitants of Porteno in Aires, so it should come as no surprise that your trip to the capital will be a trip to and from this capital to discover some of the best traditional Argentine food. If you're going to try a new Argentine restaurant on the street, you'll be looking forward to a treat.

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