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The Presidential Suite is, of course, something I remember from many years ago, but I think I have now seen all the rooms of this type of hotel. I would say that this room has given me a pleasant experience and I consider it one of the best of its kind in Buenos Aires. We flew from Europe to the Presidential Suite and now we stayed in the Junior Suite for the first night.

The hotel is really decorated in the elegant fin de siecle style that made Buenos Aires famous. The images in this collection are the result of a detailed graphic design created by a professional international interior designer and his team. In particular, it is stressed that the information available on this website should not be interpreted as professional or international advice for interior designers. Readers are not responsible for actions based on information received, such as travel plans, hotel reservations or other information.

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This website is an attempt to revive the glory days of the international hotel design industry in its infancy. There was a time when hotels were designed in countries that never had an international hotel presence, and today we have the multi-billion dollar companies. After 55 years of travelling the world, Mr. Prince is convinced that a hotel can operate at a high level of quality if it is able to prepare a simple club sandwich properly. While the philosophy of international branding remains the philosophy of hotel and restaurant design that is visible in hotels worldwide today, Mr. Prince has infused his own passion for all this into developing what is now one of his most successful hotels, the Buenos Aires Air Argentina Intercontinental Hotel.

He has created a hotel that combines elegance and luxury and now clearly defines itself as one of the leading five-star hotels in the world. This hotel is clearly one of the best in the region, noted Silvana Relats, the owner of the hotel. We are delighted and thrilled to be able to build a presence in such a great location in a thriving community like Nordelta, "said Alvaro Dominguez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the hotel group. He added: "This is a significant project for us and I am delighted to be able to establish our presence at the largest location within the thriving communities of the North Delta.

The IC Buenos Aires is the place to be in Aires for business or pleasure, and the most popular tourist attractions are in the Monserrat and San Telmo districts. When you return there, you will be amazed by the beautiful architecture of the city, the great restaurants and bars, and the excellent shopping and dining options.

The hotel also offers a wide range of amenities, including three restaurants, including Tomo I, considered one of the best in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Gran Dabbang is a deconstructed Indian tapas restaurant that is truly unique. Don Julio is known as the best restaurant in Argentina, and the community offers a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness center, outdoor pool and gym, as well as an indoor pool.

Guests at the InterContinental can also enjoy Lake Central, which offers access to a wide range of water sports and leisure activities. The location of the hotel is also excellent and you can see what to expect below. In the opposite direction, you can walk to La Boca in 60 to 75 minutes and enjoy the beautiful views of the city and the breathtaking views from the hotel lobby and lobby bar.

The InterContinental believes that superior, understated service and great facilities are important, but what really makes it different is its commitment to making the most of your time at the hotel. It makes you feel like you are a truly welcome guest and make your stay as pleasant as you would at home. The Intercontinental believes it is important that guests become aware of the benefits of a high quality hotel experience in Buenos Aires.

The InterContinental Hotel Buenos Aires Intercontinental Hotel offers a wide range of hotels, including hotels in the most popular tourist areas of the city, such as La Plata, La Paz and La Cumbre.

I would not hesitate to recommend this hotel to anyone who wants to offset the cost of their trip with their points. Although IHG often sells its points at a much lower price than other hotels in Buenos Aires, the opportunity to redeem a 24k points network is a fantastic deal. These points can be used in many ways, although they can effectively earn more points than the price they can normally be purchased for. With a total of 20%, which is refunded to your account every time you redeem points, you can stretch it to the end.

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